How to Find and Buy Discount Designer Handbags

Bags have been an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. It is the only accessory that is considered to be an absolutely necessary accessory due to its utilitarian nature. They say that the bag or purse can make or break the outfit much in the same way that shoes can.Wearing the right shoes can complement and make a perfect outfit while wearing the wrong shoes can destroy whatever beauty your dress has. When it comes to designer handbags, the rule is pretty much the same. If the style of your bag is way off with the rest of your outfit, no matter what designer bag it is, whether it’s Chanel or Michael Kors your outfit would look distracting.

Finding designer handbags is an easy job. If you are the type of person who wants to go out of the house to shop and wants to touch the clothes or items before buying then you can check at the stores themselves. The problem with checking the stores though is that you would be spending a lot just by hopping from one store to the next. If they are all in one mall then that would save you more money but if you’re looking for their stores with complete stocks even dating back from last year, you would want to go to their individual establishments.

Finding designer bags online is not much of a challenge with the number of websites that offer designer bags already but buying discounted designer handbags may prove to be difficult. However the trick to finding and buying discount designer handbags online is to check for deals on past releases of the designer handbags. If the designer handbag was released for more than a year, chances are you might be able to buy it for a discount especially if they are already trying to clear their inventory.

Another way of buying discounted handbags is looking for a sale. Some websites have promos that entice the customer to buy from them. Look out for special offers and special sales that would make you save money on discounted designer handbags. You have to be careful though because some items may be put on sale for a reason. Keep an eye out for description of the designer handbags condition. It might be on sale because it is damaged already or because It is second-hand already. If you do not mind a fact like that, then by all means buy it

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Online Clothing Retailers For Canadian Shoppers

1. Shop Bop: Offering free express delivery to Canada within 3 days is unmatchable. Shopping is made easier by allowing users to create an account and save your favourite designers and items to make shopping more personable. Or if its a sale your after they have a dedicated 70% off site that will keep you shopping for days. Service, breadth, and navigability earns Shop Bop first place honors.

2. Asos: Named “”The undisputed champion of online fashion,”” by The Times Magazine. Offering men’s and women’s clothing, beauty, designer and an impressive outlet site, you won’t be disappointed by product selection or price range. Shipping costs are unbeatable starting at only $6 for delivery within 8 days. A favorite among Shopping Supplement readers.

3. BlueFly: From mid-range to high-end every mainstream designer is available here at a minimum 20% to 40% off retail price. Shop by colour, price, designer and more. This site makes it exciting to discover a new favourite brand and shop the latest trends.

4. Overstock: Love a brand that you can’t get easily and want to find it for less? Not a difficult task at Now shipping to Canada, Overstock offers items from well-known brands such as BCBG, Calvin Klein, Tahari and Michael Kors. Shipping is calculated at time of payment as items may be shipped from various locations. Shopping is made easier as you can shop by price, size, designer, clearance, category and more.

5. Style Fly: Looking for a fashionably Canadian line such as Gentle Fawn? You’ll find it at StyleFly. Shipping is a bit steep at $15 but well worth it if you’ve found the brand you’ve been searching for. They also offer a price match guarantee and a style point program.

6. Top Shop: The famed UK brand has opened its doors to long-awaiting Canadian customers. Delivery time is 5-7 days and 7.50 pounds. Shop the exclusive celebrity lines (such as the enormously successfully line designed by UK model Kate Moss), their own cult-followed Top Shop line or their studio line which is home to a handful of iconic UK brands.

7. Urban Outfitters: $10 flat rate shipping and free shipping on orders over $150, Urban Outfitters is my go-to site for urban chic style and scoring unique items with a hippie inspiration. I also love their apartment collection and sale section where you’ll find great deals on trendy styles all year round.

8. Sephora: If you’ve ever been to a physical Sephora location you know its your one-stop shop for every quality cosmetics brand available. The site offers greater variety, additional brands, and more promotions and clearance items. If you can pick it up in-store its not worth the extra shipping charge (even if you do get free samples with every order!) but its still worth a look around the site to see what fellow purchasers thought about the product your thinking of buying as the site has an excellent customer rating system.

9. Aldo/ Browns: Tied for the best Canadian shoe site around! If your looking for designer shoes you can find it at any of the above mentioned sites. However, if your looking for: quality, style, sales, service and reasonable shipping costs then look no further than these two homegrown retailers. Both offer in-store returns at a location near you to take the anxiety out of buying online and offer a huge selection of shoes, bags and jewelery (aldo).

10. Beyond the Rack: The one members-only shopping site that made it on this list – and for good reason. Every day the site unveils new designer events that run for a limited time and offer a limited quantity at up to 70% off retail. Shipping is reasonable at $11.95 and delivery time varies. Be warned: Do not shop for items that you need for an upcoming event or for gifts. Delivery time is unreliable as Beyond the Rack works as a middleman in scoring these designer deals so if their supplier takes a long time it will take even longer to get to you. Knowing this as you go into the sale makes a world of difference and nothing is quite like the excitement of scoring a designer item at 70% off!